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Powers and Functions of SEBI

The powers and functions of Sebi are explained below

  • Regulating the business of the stock exchanges
  • Regulating the role of the intermediaries
  • Registering and regulating of depositories, participants and custodian of securities, credit rating agencies
  • Regulating of mutual funds and venture capital funds
  • Prohibiting the unfair trade practices
  • Prohibiting of insider trade activities
  • Regulating substantial takeovers and acquisitions
  • Frequent conduct of research activities
  • To conduct any enquiry which warrants the situation to safeguard the interest of the investors

Civil Court Procedure 1908: The SEBI has been given additional powers and functions with reference to Civil Court Procedure 1908 to regulate the capital market in addition to the above enlisted powers and functions

  • Discovery and production of books of account of the errant during the inspection and enquiry.
  • Summoning and enforcing the attendance of the persons to stand before for the examination of oath.
  • Acc to Sec 12 SEBI is empowered to conduct Inspection of books.

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