Fund Flow Statement Analysis Introduction - Accounts and Finance for Managers

Cash is considered one of the vital sources of the firm to meet day to day financial commitments. The cash is considered to be as most important source of life blood of the business. The day to day financial commitments are met out only out of the available resources. The cash resources are availed through two different type of receipts viz. sales, dividends, interests known as regular receipts and sale of assets, investments known as irregular receipts of the business enterprise. To have smooth flow of business enterprise, it should have ample cash resources for its operations. The availability of cash resources is mainly depending on the cash inflows of the enterprises. The smoothness in operations of the enterprise is obtained through an appropriate matching of cash inflows and cash outflows.

To have smoothness in the operations of the enterprise, the firm should have an appropriate volume of cash resources at speedier rate as well as more than the financial commitments of the firm. This smoothness could be attained by way of an appropriate planning analysis on the cash resources of the firm. The meaningful analysis is only possible through cash flow statement analysis which facilitates the firm to identify the possible sources of cash as well as the expenses and expenditures of the firm.

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