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What is A/B Testing – Create Variations?

A/B Testing is used in creating new versions of an application or a web page and comparing all the versions to see the conversion rate. We can enhance the conversion rate by analyzing the statistics to check new variations.

There are many types of variations that can be applied to an object like using changing numbering of the key elements, changing the font and color, bullets etc. There are various A/B Testing tools available in the market that has a visual editor and makes use of it to make these changes. By selecting the correct tool, we can perform A/B Testing successfully. Most commonly available tools are −

  • Visual Website optimizer (VWO)
  • Optimizely
  • Google Content Experiments

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

Multiple versions of a same page can be tested using Visual Website Optimizer. It has ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) editor that enables you to do the changes and run tests without modifying the HTML code of the page. You can alter numbering of elements, headlines and run a test without performing changes to IT resources.

Open webpage in the WYSIWYG editor to create variations in VWO for A/B Testing. You can apply the following changes to the web page -

  • Change Text
  • Change URL
  • Edit /Edit HTML
  • Rearrange
  • Move
  • Resize
  • Hide
  • Remove
  • Change CSS

Visual Website Optimizer

Google Content Experiments

This permits you to create maximum of five variations of any web page and then load all pages to Google Analytics to conduct A/B Testing. Google Content Experiment is used to compare the results of all the variations and to determine the variant with the maximum conversion rate. This tool is a freeware from Google but you have to load the variants into Google Analytics to conduct the test.


It is a tool used in performing multivariate testing, A/B testing on a web page or on a mobile app and allows you to differentiate various versions of a web page or an application to decide which variation presents a good conversion rate for your business.

Just by executing a single line JavaScript snippet, this software can be run. Snippet is defined as single line code that loads Optimizely on your site and change the visitors experience on your website.

For testing a mobile application using Optimizely, it runs via a Software Development Kit for iOS and/or Android. This tool runs on your webpage and collects data of site visitors and conversion rate and runs them on Stats Engine to decide which variation is a winner or a loser. Upon comparing these stats to target goals and set metrics, they help in making decisions about the variation to be applied on the website.

Optimizely allows you to perform these tests −

  • A/B Test that compares different URLs.
  • A/B Test that runs across multiple pages, flows, etc.
  • Run different variations for different set of audiences.
  • To apply hot fixes on a webpage for all the visitors.

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