YouTube is the primary source to learn new skills/technologies: Wisdom jobs Survey finds

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YouTube is the primary source to learn new skills/technologies: Wisdom jobs Survey finds

Recent survey wisdom jobs on hiring coders/IT talent found some interesting facts.



Based on your experience, who is a better coder?

Responding to these question 73% men and 27% women are considered as better coders. Recruiters felt that they would hire the coder who is self taught (27%), on the job learners (34%), university certified (25%) and short term trainees (16%).

Employers are looking for the coders with an experience of 1-5 years (22%), coders with an experience of 5-9 years (14%), and freshers (63%) and only one percent of candidates with coding experience of 1-9 years.

What’s the biggest challenge when hiring coders?

The biggest challenge when hiring coders include that 33% recruiters felt that they hard to assess skills before hand,18% felt that time consuming interviews,20% recruiters felt that there would be competition from other companies,17%calibarting the job description and 6 % recruiters felt that there is no enough talented and diversified talent.


Responding to the question how did you learn code, some programmers responded that they follow various methods to learn code including self learning(45%),formal degree(32%),part time course(10%),on the job training(9%) and industry certification(4%).

What is your primary source to learn new technologies?

More than 29% coders prefer you tube channel to learn coding, followed by online courses(18%),coding competitions/hackathons(12%),tech books(9%),taking up learning classes(5%),other documentation(3%),develop a personal project(21%) and other sources(3%) etc.

Which new technologies would you like to acquire in 2018?

Responding to the questionnearly 29 percent programmers would like to learn Machine learning followed by web(21%),Internet of things(12%),Mobile(10%),Big data(9%),Others(6%),functional programming(4%),robotics(3%),Blockchain(2%),Virtual reality(2%) and video game(1%) etc.

More than 52 percent coders are looking for an opportunity to learn new things at job followed by career advancement opportunities (18%), complex problem solving (11%), flexible working hours (3%), salary (12%) and technical stack (4%) etc.

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