Workplace Not Friendly for Women: Survey reveals

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Most female professionals don't deem their workplaces as women friendly, exposes a Wisdom Jobs survey that took opinions from nearly 2,500 working women. The report reveals though most organizations declare to offer equal opportunities to male and female, their own women employees feel very differently.


Nearly 90% women say there isn't much egalitarianism in their organization when it comes to career development. Nearly 70% believe their workplace was not female friendly.

Few Survey pointers

  • Leadership prospects: Almost 95% respondents rated female representation in their organizations top leadership as pitiable. None rated women representation in top leadership as good.
  • Career chances: Over 75% women rated the management prospects provided by their organization for female professionals as poor. In addition, 40% women professionals rated happiness with their salaries as poor, 50% as just average and only 10% rated it as good.
  • Learning prospects: Given that role change is now routine in working life, continued wisdom should be viewed as a requisite. However, women professionals feel they miss out on growth chances because of lack of upskilling programs. Almost 75% of women say learning opportunities at their company is poor.
  • Mentorship plans: In addition, 80% women professionals rated sponsorship or mentorship proposals at their organization as poor. This is unexpected, considering corporate mentoring is on the rise with most Fortune 500 companies offering professional mentoring programs.
  • Flexibility choices: Workplace flexibility remains one of the key reasons for people to join or leave a company. However, 70% women employees rate flexibility in their organization as poor. Almost 80% of these women professionals are even ready to give up promotions in favor of better work life balance. In addition, 60% women professionals rated the ability to telecommute for work as poor, and only 5% voted it as good in their organizations.
  • Maternity rations: 35% women professionals rated maternity provisions at their workplace as poor, 55% voted them as average and only 10% said these provisions were good. While the recent modifications to the maternity bill have given hope to women professionals, the ground reality is that these changes have not been adopted by many companies yet.

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