Work life balance tips for the year 2014

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Work life balance is the BUZZ word which we are hearing in these days especially in this target oriented goal driven business environments. Work life balance is setting up your priorities as per the requirements of your work life balancing. If you are a person who works for 60 hours in a week and to not able to see the day lights of many days then your family will treat you as a guest when you go to your home and you are the person who is trying to balance your work and life in your possible limits. Are there any special activities to balance work life


- Work life balance is not doing right work at office and home but also setting right priorities to attempt them in a good way in the process. Below tips may helpful to balance the both work-life in a good way and build effective career.

Set your important priorities:Just think for a while design your priorities and improve your work skills to keep some aside some time for yourself and family every day and leave your workplace on time. Don't try to exhibit in a way that you are doing more hard work. It is not a fact that people who work for more hours are not treaded as hard workers. Improve your career skills to deliver work.

- It is also fact that employees who have less working skills and technical skills are wasting their time in fulfilling the tasks and trying to make an impression that to impress a boss who does the same.

Leave your work at office:Many people bring their office work to home and sit with laptop or office files. Create an environment that your home should be a place where no work related issues and you just relax by creating a comfort zone at home. Have strong resume skills to get noticed and apply for new jobs if you have more stress.

Be assertive:Time management is important to manage the time and some people handle more tasks to impress others. It is better to handle the work as per your capacity and you can say NO in a smoother way.

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