Wisdomjobs.com on how to ensure a cultural fit in the hiring process

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Wisdomjobs.com on how to ensure a cultural fit in the hiring process

Wisdomjobs.com provides end to end recruitment solutions for companies in finding right candidate in right time. They offer sustainable recruitment strategies with unique skill assessment tool called Pragnya meter tool. Pre-assessments being increasingly adopted by companies to hire the right fit for their requirements irrespective of company size

Hiring for cultural fit is the buzz word in current scenario. Because many companies are worrying about building a great productive and unique working “culture” that enhance employee career growth and company growth.

Wisdomjobs.com  on how to ensure a cultural fit in the hiring process

When hiring person recruiters analyze many facts like Knowledge, skills, and abilities which makes recruiters to hire a potential candidate and select from list of prospective candidates. Technical skills to perform your job also most important and it help you to deliver prompt results to the organization. Achieving your goals along with the organization goals also play key role in delivering the results from both sides.

Ajay Kolla, CEO, Wisdom jobs said” Finding the candidate’s cultural fit and passion during the interview process is the key element in the long term growth of the company. We can offer training on technical skills but we cannot train them on what kind of personality would be ideal to the company. ”

Ajay further added that” It is important to know if the candidate is passionate about the role when you are hiring for culture. Make a note of that the candidate shows interest, emotion, and enthusiasm when you are explaining about the workplace. Companies should focus on technical capabilities and cultural fit while interviewing.”

Wisdomjobs.com said that “Recruiters search for the candidates whose core values and career goals match with their objectives and who are able to deliver drive your day-to-day business decisions, will result in increased performance, enhanced collaboration, reduced attrition, improved morale and the creation of a stable workforce.”

However, it must have a pre-selection process to introduce cultural fit assessments in to the hiring process. A pre selection process consists of a culture-specific interview, personality and psychometric tests, situational tests, and videos in link with a company’s culture

“While, many companies are assessing a candidate’s cultural fit assessment with a video resume based on their facial recognition, body language, and sentiment analytics.”

Most people have set of values that guide them. As well as most businesses have some core values that they follow. Value based interview questions are asked to know if a candidate’s values conflict with your company values. These questions are designed to know how the candidate feels about the things like:

● Adaptability

● Collaboration

● Communication

● Dedication

● Integrity

● Responsibility

In other words, Employees of the organization must believe in the products and services offered by the company then only they believe in the organization and get engaged with them. Employee who doesn't share your company core values is not interested to work in sync with your objectives. These companies are conducting unique programs as per the skill ability of the candidates.

But here is the interesting bit. Recognizing the inpidual strengths and going one step further than that is to hire an inpidual whose values not only align with the organization. If a hired candidate is best or not will be decided on three important facts like technical skills to perform the job (knowledge, skills, and abilities), values alignment, and core strengths

While, hiring managers should also mention about their culture, work environment, and core values. You can also ask some behavioral interview related questions related to their work experience like tell me about a time when you assembled a high performing team? What did you do, and what did you accomplish as a team result? Hiring managers should also need to understand what they are looking for in a candidate, what a good answer is and what is not, and how to interpret and evaluate the data.

Meanwhile, Hiring managers are most comfortable in assessing a candidate’s technical knowledge, skills, and abilities, which are most accurately gained through the use of behavioral interview techniques. Some hiring managers will only assess candidate’s technical skills and interpret them from the data collected through different sources. It is also important to assess candidate’s cultural fit and other factors when taking decision about hiring a person.

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