Wisdom jobs says over 50% freshers found their first job within 3 months searching

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Wisdom jobs says over 50% freshers found their first job within 3 months searching

According to the wisdom jobs survey more than 50 percent job seekers found their first job within 3 months of job search and 65 percent believe that they are not prepared. Fresh graduates face so many challenges when they start their job search. Nearly 65 percent feel that career growth and learning remain top priorities according to the survey.

Wisdom jobs says over 50% freshers found their first job within 3 months searching

Job portals: the best job source

Wisdom jobs online recruitment portal offers career solutions to the job seekers and employers with unique products and tools such as Pragnya meter online assessment tool.

While, vast majority of the job searchers, 28 percent of them, secured their first position through job sites Second in line are associations of family and friends at 18 percent. Just 10 percent of the candidates said that they land their first position through campus placement. Also, a 6 percent of them are fortunate to be placed with the company they are interning with

Ajay Kolla, CEO of wisdom jobs said that interview winning chances more for the job seekerswho understand the job role and, fresh graduates should prepare well for the first job; it can be done thorough research and preparation. A better understanding of the role and of the potential employer will give them a clear perspective

Ajay further noted that It is important to know one’s strengths and weaknesses rather than concentrating on educational qualification to the job description

Top three challenges at first job

However, most graduates don't feel work ready even after joining their first job. Over 37 percent of them are not prepared for the work life and 29 percent feel they do not have the domain ability. While most of them face personal challenges and others believe that it is difficult to deal with organizationalchallenges related to working hours and flexibility. Over 22 percent candidates picked reasons like long work hours and lack of flexibility as top difficulties.

Top 3 challenges at first jobs

Response (%)

Not prepared for work life 35

Lack of industry knowledge and experience 27

Long working hours and flexibility20

Source: Wisdomjobs.com

First Job: Stay or Quit

Subsequently, jobseekers today are searching for the good opportunity if it provides better career prospects in the long run. Over 30 percent job seekers leave their first job in less than one year for the reasons of professional growth and work opportunities. More than 34 percent of jobseekers still stick to their first jobs.

The reality of CV

It has been seen that over 12 percent job seekers believe that hiring managers check education and qualifications on their CV. While two third of recruiters consider it as the primary criteria while hiring freshers. The other interpreting fact is that majority of hiring manager spend min 1-2 minutes on each resume. Nearly half of them are looking for a well formatted resume and 58 percent looking for the relevant experience for the job role.

Interview blunders

But an interview is crucial part of the job search process and important for job seekers. According to the survey following interview blunders include lack of interest lack of awareness about the employer and more focus on the salary

About Wisdom jobs

Wisdom Jobs (part of Wisdom IT Services India Pvt. Ltd.) is India's first skill assessment based job portal. We simplify hiring through our innovative tools and services that help job seekers and employers to find each other quickly and efficiently. With a user database of nearly 30 million, more than 14 million of whom are skill-tested and rated through our proprietary online assessment tool (Pragnya Meter), we make it extremely easy for recruiters to identify the right candidate to be interviewed, in much lesser time. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Wisdom Jobs is the first and only job portal to offer a voice broadcasting facility (VConnect,) to enable employers to reach and engage job seekers more effectively.

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