Why you should keep your profile updated?

Posted on 03rd Dec 2018 | 1272 views

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Why you should keep your profile updated?

If you are looking for a job change posts your profile with wisdomjobs.com. Experts suggest that keeping your profile leads to better job prospects. Here are someinsights from the recent survey conducted to know why you should keep your profile updated regularly.

Why you should keep your profile updated?

Means better and more job opportunities: Nearly 86% surveyed candidates find that an updated profile increased their chances of getting calls from prospective employers. Because an updated profile not only highlights your career achievements and professional skills but also project you as an active job seeker eagerly looking for a job.

Helps you stay ahead: Nearly 31% of the surveyed candidates find that job seekers update their profiles once a month, more than 14% find that doing it once in 3 months, 12% reveal that job seekers updated it once every 3-6 months and more than 14% chose to update it every 6 months. Employers and hiring managers are always looking for the professionals who stay ahead of the game. An updated profile is a source of indication that you are open to change.

Attracts unexpected opportunities: Even though if you are looking for a job by spending time actively looking and applying; there could be times when a flattering opportunity unexpectedly knocks on your door. About 30% of the respondents answered in a way that when asked whether a refreshed resume pulled in unexpected employment offers without them effectively applying for it. This clearly shows how keeping your profile updated can be a magnet for exciting job opportunities. Update your profile and upload your resume if not done already.

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