Why you should include a Hobbies Section in Your Resume?

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Hobbies and interests section helps you get through the job. Showcasing the right hobbies may help you to replicate your professionalism, your abilities and skills and defines who you are.


Here are some examples of hobbies that you can include in your resume:

1.Reading: Mental stimulation and imagination

2.Travelling: Ready to take up challenges and experience new things

3.Music: Creativity

4.Blogging: Ability to narrate and communicate well

5.Community Involvement: The urge to help others

Here's why you should include a Hobbies Section in Your Resume?

The reasons might be including:

To stand out in the crowd

Adding hobbies in your resume makes you stand out.

To have conversation points

Interviewers usually look for conversation pointers. If you add your hobbies in your resume, you are taking the advantage of discussing what you like in an interview if you are contacted for one.

To prove you are an all-rounder

Each employer expects that each candidate who is applying to the job should have unique skills rather than job skills. Hobbies and interests can boast your extra-curricular activities and flaunt to the employer your ability of being an all-rounder.

Which Hobbies to Pick?

Include the hobbies in your resume which coincides with the job you are applying to. It will create the message what you are trying to make the employer understand with your resume. Pick hobbies that you think are relatable. Make sure that you are honest and authentic with what you write. Adding lies in your resume may backfire and haunt you. Also, you should be able to discuss and demonstrate the interests. Include hobbies that may create positive impact to the recruiters. For example, sports are a great hobby to include as they display an energetic personality and a team player trait. Similarly, if you are into poker or chess, it indicates the employer about your strategic mind.

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