Why you Haven't Heard Back from a Recruiter?

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You have applied to many jobs but you haven't received any single call for the interviews. The reasons might be your qualifications not matching with the job role, poor resume, typo errors, spelling mistakes and bad cover letter.

Why you haven't heard back from a recruiter

If you didn't receive any interview or phone call then it may be due to below reasons:

1.You were unqualified for the job or you don't have required qualifications.

2.Your resume was poorly done with typo errors, grammatical errors and misspelling etc.

3.Your cover letter is not specially designed for the job or well enough to open the resume attachment.

4.Your resume doesn't contain the keywords related to the job description. Resume tracking tool automatically rejects these resumes immediately.

5.You didn't apply the job as instructed. When you are applying a job position then make sure that you applied exactly as the company suggested.

6.Your address indicates a long commute then recruiters may be less apt to respond.

7.There isn't any job sometimes, due to last minute job cuts a position is eliminated before it filled.

Here's how to win:

Contact the company: If you are sure that you're right fit for the job and you've heard nothing after a weak then contact the company to find out the feedback.

Read the job posting: Think once that the resume you sent really fit job requirements. Recruiter shortlist a candidate when a candidate has done the homework about the job role and company position in the market. It will be easier for both of the candidate and recruiter.

Don't be a pest: Send thank you letter to interviewers and wait for a week to call them. Never send more than 2 mails to a company that will back fire your application and interview results also.

Go through your resume once: Have a look at your resume. Make an analysis that does it present your experience, accomplishments and education details in a right way or not? Is it professionally designed and crafted properly.

Take professional resume writers help: A professional resume writer knows what to be removed and what to be highlighted in your profile. They also help you in presenting your strengths and weaknesses.

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