Why should you add a photo on your CV

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Why should you add a photo on your CV?

Most of the Job seekers have a doubt that they should add a photo on their profile or not.Here’s why you should consider a photo on your CV.

Global job seeking: Adding professional photo on your profile will be an added advantage if you are looking for job opportunities in global regions. The MENA region and some European countries expect a photo on a CV.

Why should you add a photo on your CV

Creating a personal brand: Adding a photo on your CV will be an added advantage for the individuals in the creative fields such as architecture or graphic design. They have more choices to present their personality and creative capabilities through a CV. Adding a photo on your CV will increase your profile visibility on job search portals like wisdomjobs.com.

People are attentive to images: Just think about the popularity and attractiveness of the social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The main attractive factor is people upload their photos to grab the attention of audience.

Few tips while adding a photo on your CV:

● Dress professionally

Be in professional attire with minimal jewellery, makeup, or shabby hair.

Frame from the waist up

Recruiters prefer the pics with a head shot only. Avoid taking full body shots.

● Facial expressions and gestures

Maintain neutral facial expressions and hand gestures and face the camera just as you would face an interviewer.

● Hair and makeup

Make sure that your hair neat and tidy and makeup should always be simple and neutral.

● Ditch the selfie

Don’t take a selfie and upload it on your profile. Keep a simple smile and take the picture, just avoid using filters or effects.

● The background

Take a photo with a plainbackgroundand keep it simple.

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