Which things should not mention while asking for a salary hike?

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You are not happy with the salary the company is offering and you have planned to ask about salary hike to your boss. You like your job and job profile the company is offering but you are underpaid. What do you think that whether you apply for a better position or ask your boss to hike salary. A better hike will give you more confident and in better position but starting the discussion with your boss is little bit awkward situation. Before approach your boss list out the achievements you have made at your present job and how it was helpful to the organization. Otherwise you can just start the conversation by discussion directly about how much experience you have and salary ranges per your profile in industry.

Which things should not mention while asking for a salary hike?

Below things should not mention while asking for a salary hike:

Resignation:If you threaten your employer by telling that you will resign for your job when you receive your salary hike letter and this is really a stupid act and it will never help you to solve the issue and moreover it creates additional problems. Instead of rejecting your resignation your employer may accept it in a polite way for this reason.

Showing co-workers salary as an example:If your co-worker is getting more than your salary and it makes you to discuss at the time of salary discussion. Your employer may have different reasons for that why your co-worker is getting more salary.

Don't bring personal issues:If you have personal financial problems and you need to solve them with salary hike is not a valid reason to ask for hike. Bringing your personal problems at work would only project you as an unprofessional individual. Keep all these things away at the time of salary discussions.

Right time:Discuss in right time and take appointment for this exclusive discussion and don't ask in a general meeting. Prepare well for the questions like why you need hike and what you have done part of your job? Once you?ve completed your research, schedule an appointment to meet your boss.

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