When You Don't Get the Job - Things to Do Next

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Today in real time environment we face fierce competition, change of technology at a very fast pace that; updating ourselves has become very tough, the economy of the world is posing uncertainty and all these reasons in turn lead to unemployment of many people. In this gamble, many a times, we find ourselves in square one of job search. There are instances that the transition period between our jobs would be too long, that we get frustrated, disappointed and lose hope on ourselves. Sometimes we happen to apply for many job posts, we happen to attend many interviews, but in vain. Give a second thought why does this happen for many of us When you face such situation then it is time for you to change your job hunting approach. Take into consideration different parameters along which you are deviated, as compared to others who get jobs, in the current market scenario. Here are few approaches, which would make your job hunt easy and land you in the job, which you like most, in an appropriate time.

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Keep up your nerve and stay positive: It is most common thing that happens in our lives, if the transition period between our jobs is long, we will be pressurized and lag behind to meet our commitment and most of us slip into depression. However, remember this is the time to stay with positive thoughts. Instead of getting annoyed, upgrade your skills, until you find a job. Keep meeting your friends, relatives, and X-colleagues; Keep up yourself in touch with social networks like, blogs, forums, and Linked inn etc. Doing all these things would let you know the current trends in the job market .Confronting different people through various networks would fetch you help from others and makes you aware of various job openings and your pressures would be considerably reduced. Moreover, a stress free mind would think better.

Send a thank you note to the interviewers: This would be the best idea to break the silence in a more gracious manner, after being rejected and this would probably move you ahead to next step. Just go ahead and mail thank you note to each member of the interview panel, thanking them for their time and consideration and that it has been a pleasure to talk to them and that you have expanded your mind in various aspects. At the end of the thank you note, remind them to keep you in mind for future openings as the position becomes available and that their thoughtful ness would put you back to your activity.

Know the fundamental reasons for your rejection: There is nothing wrong to call the HR executive and ask the main reason for offering chance for other candidate instead of yourself. This would help you to cope up with your mistakes for the next interview. Do not ever get aggressive by hearing your faults, try to receive them positively as constructive criticism, after all there is a no perfect man being created on earth. Keep them informed, that you would reach up to their expectations .To possibly consider you in near future, for further job opportunities.

Keep your resume always updated and make all corrections required:Resume is to be updated including all your recent educational skills. Magnify your accomplishments to show your potential employer that you are best suitable for the current available job position. Never ever, make untruthful statements in the resume, as it is highly unprofessional way to seek a job. Customize your resume as per the job description in the job ad posted by the company and draw the attention of your employer using the right key words, as all the resumes are sorted out by computers, using the key words. Give the references of the persons who could speak in more pleasing and high manner about you.Resume formatshould be in a proper manner and spelling and grammar mistakes should be avoided to minutest possible extent. Give your current and correct postal address, e-mail i.d, and correct telephone numbers including the best time of your availability.

Rectify the deviations: After knowing your flaws in the resume, the needed qualifications, and latest technologies required to face the current competitive job market and knowing the reason for your rejection; the next immediate action you should plunge into is making all required corrections to strive through the current job market.

Create a job for yourself: In few cases even though all necessary corrections are made; sometimes still we will not be able to land in our dream job. After all possible ways are tried, then shift your focus to the next best thing that you could do. Take up some part time works that you could accomplish (in your friend's company or any other company);

you can do some social activities:

  • If you are really capable of starting a company, unemployment is the best time to try your excellence
  • If you are capable of doing corporate training you can start doing that and prove yourself.

Avoid these in the job interview:To avoid a negative response one should be conscious of the following things while facing a job interview; The first and for most thing that should be taken care of is avoid arriving late to the interview

  • Avoid inappropriate dressing
  • Avoid staying too quite or ruthlessly and continuously talking
  • Never answer without listening to the interviewers questions
  • Avoid giving irrelevant and vague answers
  • Avoid poor eye contact and poor body language
  • Avoid being over friendly with the interviewer's
  • Avoid looking too dull and disinterest look enthusiastic
  • Never try to act as per the wish of the interviewers, always be yourself
  • Avoid showing your accomplishments in a weak manner

Keep an eye on your financial status: As the job markets are fluctuating a lot in the recent past; it is necessary for all the jobholders to manage their financial needs until they find another job. It is always better for all the employees to cut their unnecessary spending and hold their money tight until their next paycheck. Lower your self-esteem and pride and be ready to do all sorts of small jobs to get on temporarily. Make a strong financial planning for your future to overcome any contingencies, while you are on helm.

Better to apply for unemployment insurance: If you are fired or downsized all of a sudden without any prior intimation, immediately drop in into your local unemployment office and apply for unemployment compensation to avail compensation for few months until you get a job. If you happen to resign by yourself, just try applying for compensation benefits and try your luck. If you follow all the above strategies you may land in the next job at the earliest and keep on going.

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