What will the impact if leaders will have favorites in team?

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It is common that leaders will have favourites in the team. Favorites are who do good work and meets deadlines within targets. Generally favorites are who top performers, who deliver consistent performance with honest and dedication and smart workers. Sometimes average performers also considered as favorites who are willing to learn and interested to work on additional works with more enthusiasm by meeting the deadlines. They will exclude the poor performers with treacle coated tongues in false praise of their, equally poor, leaders. This is only for the people who will do good work to move ahead in professional ladder. But this favoritism has different perceptions with confusion and partiality. Leaders will perform their job in shortest and possible time with available resources.


- The decision has to be made quickly with the available Resources like competencies, basic competence, past successes, integrity, attitude, location and availability. Generally leaders choose people with consistent attitude and who meet all the requirements. smart workers who were able to perform and he is in right place and right time and able to perform well. Some employees criticize and accuse their leaders for their favoritism, instead of partiality.

- However, processes, policies, laws and resources are available to impacted employees. Leaders need to communicate well and inform to the team members and satisfy the all. Sometimes people work hard for the sake of promotions and interesting works by putting efforts in extra time, extensive travel or relocation involved.

- Design individual alignment plans to demonstrate knowledge and skills for individual development. Doing works with out of professional plans will waste of time and resources. The work you are performing should in sync with professional development. But being favorite doesn't give a positive visible and high impact on work.

-The factors required for personal development are appropriate readiness level, successful execution, personal integrity and faith in their leader. Take mentors advice for personal development and assess your professional skill level and take advice to get ahead. Favoritism is always continue until the work goes perfect and best. Many people know this, if not be with professionalism, maturity and personal integrity.

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