What will be Asked in an Interview? Here are some Cool Interview Tips

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The ground work of interview preparation starts from writing an effective resume and cover letter to standout among the applied candidates. Recruiters observe the activities of candidates from beginning of the interview to till they leave.They check candidates on mannerisms, style of talking, and quality of answers and how well they were able to handle some really tough questions. It is not always important to give answer to all the questions when you do not have any idea or you are not sure of the answer. It is recommended that politely say YES instead of attempting with a wrong answer.

Here are some Cool Interview Tips

Here are some important tips to follow for a cool interview:

Before the Interview:

  • Do research about the company like products and services.

Get ready for some key interview questions like:

  • Tell about yourself.
  • Tell about your current job profile.

The other important questions related to key challenges faced /resolved during the tenure:

  1. Why do you want to leave your current job
  2. What makes you interested in this profile / company
  3. List down your personal goals, strengths and what do you bring to the table
  4. Talk to people who might be working in that firm about company?s culture, dress code and so on
  5. Keep 3-4 print-outs of your resume accessible
  6. Focus on self-grooming and keep a professional attire ready for the day

During the Interview:

  • Maintain eye contact with positive body language, firm shake hand and smile.
  • Get involved in the conversation, avoid looking around the room.
  • Ask questions wherever required and stay confident and focused at the time of interview.
  • Ask questions about the job role you applied and details of the company /job profile key requirements of the profile you are looking for.
  • Avoid bad mouthing about previous company and boss in any situations.
  • Maintain professional attire, be formal, and smile wherever required.
  • Avoid boasting about your education, achievements, and career aspirations.
  • Finally thank the interview panel members, enquire politely when you can expect to hear from them about the interview results.

First 45 minutes of the interview plays key role in making or breaking the first impression. So get ready for that to make an impression and give your best. Believe in yourself and stay confident, remind yourself that you are the right fit for the job.

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