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This is a question where any answer can almost put you in to trouble. Interviewers ask interview question to see how well you know what they want and also whether your idea of growth is compatible with the company. If your answer looks like you are aiming too high, interviewer may think that you are very ambitious. And if your answer looks like you are aiming too low, interviewer may think that you lack initiative and won't contribute enough to growth of the company. Most of the candidates stumble when they are asked this question and they fail to answer.

Here are some tips to follow while answering the question where do you want to see yourself 5 years from now?:

  • Try to answer in the employer's point of view:Employers think of what responsibilities they can assign to you in future based on the answer you give. Therefore think of what the interviewer is expecting from you and frame your answer by keeping these aspects in mind.
  • Answer in terms of long term goals:Talk about your long term goals rather than short term goals. Talk about your career ambitions and also how well you are prepared to take up the responsibilities for career guidance. Remember that this question reflects how well you know about yourself and see that you give a justified answer.
  • Answer should be in favor of the company:None of the employer wants to hear from a candidate that I want to travel abroad for future advancement of my career. Rather answer in a way that depending on your performance and the opportunities provided, you will take up more responsibilities. Even if you have plans to go abroad, answer in a way that you will stick around.
  • Try to be honest while answering:Most of the times, honesty works than any other prepared scripts. Tell them that you are ambitious but not over ambitious. Know about the company goals and frame an answer by considering the companys mission statement.

Here is an example:

I don't have any specific plans about the future and all I know is to work sincerely to the best of my efforts. I am always open to take up the challenges and opportunities that come in my way. I am fast, flexible and also I want to refine my skills to be an expert in my chosen field. I will use all my skills and abilities that contribute to the organization success.

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