What should not speak in an interview?

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Each and every word speaks in an interview makes sense and experts advices that think before speaking in an interview. Speaking in interview will create impression and each sentence should reflect your personality and project you as a brilliant person.

speak in an interview

Don't ask your salary in first round of interview: It is always advisable that to wait until the interviewer come out. Generally last round or HR round contains certain questions related to salary.

Let interviewer come out to ask questions:Do your groundwork at home and prepare set of questions about the company background and latest developments. You may take initiation to raise questions in a constructive way.

Be professional:User proper English language with correct grammar and sentences up to the point. Use easy vocabulary without any slang. Act smart to get succeed

Don't ask about promotions:It is also not advisable that asking about vacations, job promotions, benefits, bonuses and others. Let employer come out on these topics to discuss.

Never discuss any discriminating issues:Avoid any comments which discriminate and remark other gender like sexual orientations, nationalities, ethnicities, race, handicaps and religions.

Don't criticize your former employer: Give an answer in a formal way and a crisp reason for leaving former organization without criticizing the former employer.

Prepare for the question why should we hire you? :You r answer should be in a way that you are going to bring some add value to the organization. In the same way get prepare for many questions which can be asked by the interviewers. Some regular questions like weaknesses and strengths should give answers that they should give positive value. You can also add humor in your conversation to prove that you are a person likes fun at work and outside work also. Be crisp in every question they have asked and don't drag the answers.

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