What makes you a good team player?

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A bad team member can be listed out easily from the group of team. Hard working team members are considered as the backbone of any team. Anybody can list out the qualities of a bad team member without struggling much about their qualities. A good team member always helps the team to uplift and get the success.

good team player

Below qualities may help you to consider as a good team player:

Always reliable:A good team member always reliable and helpful for the success of the team. Great team member is reliable for the great job to be done and meeting deadlines and providing quality work. They always try to maintain the positive relationships with team members and keep them on track.

Great communication:A good team player will be shy and works well but communicates less. A great team player works greatly and communicates with all team members in a great way to strengthen the team spirit. Clear and effective communication always helps to move ahead in their assignments.

Adapt the change:Good team members hesitate to the change. It takes some time for them to the new things which taken place. Great team members are not reluctant to the change. But they adapt the change and mould themselves to the changing environment.They are always flexible and ready to accept the change immediately.

Commitment:Good team members works from 9 to 5 and completes their job and take the pay cheques. They work with commitment and expect the same from other team members.

Performs more than the expected:Great team members always do more than they expected. Their thought procedure include that, good team members takes risk and spread their wings out of their box and acts accordingly. Initiation for creative ideas and taking more responsibilities may set them apart from the team. To be a great team player you need not to participate actively in all job titles. Put the team objectives ahead and take initiative to get along with the team. Build positive thinking and gain more visibility and networking to go ahead in your career with proper career guidance.

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