What is the meaning of office order?

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What is the meaning of office order?

Meaning of office order is an order issued by the employer or the authority or senior employees. Office orders contain instructions about work-related information indicated by the organization. The employees are bound to accept it. Office orders are issued at the beginning of the month or Monday of the Week to check on the progress.

Meaning of office order

Office order can be issued on any information like a shift in working hours or promotions or details of employee designation in projects. Officer order is a downward communication which carries a stamp of the company.

These offices order carries out the communication about the change in the designation of the employee or suspension of a specific employee and granting of privileges, disciplinary proceedings. Sometimes office order is issued dealing with imposing restrictions.

Office orders are precise and short to the point and they clearly specify information. Office orders are released towards the individual or intended target group of viewers.

Difference between notice and circular

There is a Difference between notice and circular, for instance, the circulars are released for information discharged by the employers. The circulars pertain to the rule and regulations or processing of general information for the employees it is issued for a group of employees or for the entire organization. The office notice serves the purpose of information about the event or the occurrence of the event in the establishment.

Difference between circular and notification is that both are memos issued by the employer but circular addresses a limited group of intended viewers and where notice is for the large group of employees or the entire organization.

For example, if the employer desires to call for a meeting for supervisors then a circular is passed only for that group of employees. And in the notice, the employer declares a list of things general things such as holiday list documents put up the bulletin board.

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