What is the list of HR policies in India?

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HR policies in India:

HR policies in India are created on the basis of key human resource management functions and are defined as the set of guidelines utilized by the company or organization in order to make an efficient use of their staff. HR policies are mainly based on the key guidelines such as promotion, training, compensation, recruitment, and selections etc. HR policies serve as a point of reference while taking decisions regarding the workplace of an organization, and in the development of HR management practices. HR policy provides guidance on various methods of approaches used by an organization regarding many aspects of employment and employees.

HR policies in India

List of HR policies:

List of HR policies varies from organization to organization based on their sources and descriptions and also varies according to their location. On the basis of sources in an organization, HR policies are classified into different sets.

1.Implicit policies – policies that are not expressed formally but are concluded on the basis of managers behaviors.

2.Originated policies – senior managers established these policies as a set of guidelines for their subordinates.

3.Appealed polices – used only when other earlier policies are unable to solve or cover a particular case. Situation handling is the main objective of the appealed policies.

4.Imposed policies – that are imposed on the organization by many external associations such as trade unions, government.

HR policies are also classified on the basis of the description in an organization.

1.General policies – normally used as a set of guidelines but does not refer to any particular issue. These are generated by the leadership team of an organization.

2.Specific policies – related to particular issues like collective bargaining, compensation, and staffing etc.

Above the stated list of HR policies in India are advantageous in many ways to an organization such as decision making by the managers without the consultation of their superiors and also ensures a long-term relationship between employees – employer by treating the employees on an organization in a uniform way.

HR policies in Indian companies serve as the standards for employers while taking decisions for the welfare of their employees. HR policies are designed on the basis of various factors such as the Laws of the country, management philosophy, social values, and financial impact.

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