What is the Format & Key Components of a Resignation letter

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What is the Format & Key Components of a Resignation letter?

Once you have decided that it is time to leave your current job, then the next step is to write a resignation letter. People who are working in Dubai or Emirates must be aware that you must serve a notice period as per the UAE labour law, so writing a resignation letter is most important. Writing a good resignation letter willhelp you in end things in agood term with the employer. Sometimes you may decide to put on things such as how much you hate your current boss/company but you must refrain from doing that. Having a letter of recommendation by your previous employer will create great impression in front of your prospective employer. This is the most important reason for ending things in a positive note.

You need to include following things in your resignation letterto sound like thoughtful, respectful, and cooperative while putting down papers. Here are some key pointers you need to include in your resignation letter.

What is the Format & Key Components of a Resignation letter

The basics of resignation letter format:

●Your Full Name

✓ Your Current Mailing Address

✓ Your Contact Details

✓ The date on which the letter was written

✓ Receiver’s Full Name

✓ Receiver’s Designation

✓ Company Name

✓ Company Address

These are crucial for writing a professional resignation letter.

[Your Full Name]

[Your Current Mailing Address]

[Your Contact Details]

[Date on which the letter is being written]

[Your Manager’s Name]

[Your Manager’s Position]

[Your Company’s Name]

[Your Company’s Address]

Key elements of professional resignation letter:

1.The Introduction

Start your resignation letter with a proper salutation. Then it should mention the date of resignation and last working day. Already you must have the discussion with your manager about your resignation and there is no need to mention the reason in your resignation letter.

2.The Gratitude

It is good idea to thank your manager/company for the opportunities provided you. Address some challenging tasks/accomplishments you have worked on or learned during the job.

3. The Handover

Here expressyour willingness to make your transition processsimpler. Again, no need to mention the reasons that you are not able to deliver, but leave a note that you tried your level best to complete the assigned tasks and handover your duties to the team member who will take care of your job after you leave.

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