What is the difference between career planning and succession planning?

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The difference between career planning and succession planning depend on the individual who performs it. Career planning understood as a methodical process through which an individual builds a professional goal and plans policies to accomplish it. Career planning is the process by which an individual chooses the objectives of his professional career and identifies ways to accomplish his goals. In case a company that contributes to identify and develop employees known as Succession planning.

difference between career planning and succession planning

Career planning is the primary step in the career management process, in which an individual establishes the course where the individual pursues and take the measures to accomplish it. This facilitates to determine the interest and skills of each individual, analyze alternative career opportunities, provide professional objectives and plan development activities.

If we come to succession planning when the organization takes part in the planning, it refers to the planning of the organizational career. Succession planning strategy suggests steps to accomplish the mission and ambitions of the organization. Succession planning allows managers and executives to figure out and develop a group of talented, competent employees to fill vacancies in the organization.

Career planning vs succession planning, something knows a process by which an employee chooses the objectives of his professional life and looks for ways to achieve the objectives as career planning. Succession planning is a step in succession management. Recognize and develop employees who can fill critical positions in the organization when they are vacant. Succession planning is essential while career planning is part of career management.

Distinguish between career planning and succession planning, in career planning; a person occupies different positions in his professional life. In contrast, in succession planning, different people in an organization occupy only one position. Career planning is useful for success in the professional career. At the other extreme, succession planning ensures constant leadership for the key roles in the organization. Effective career planning will benefit an individual while the entire organization benefits from succession planning. Both succession planning and professional planning are proactive and focus on the future.

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