What is sabbatical and how to take a sabbatical leave?

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Sabbatical is taking leave from work for long period of time to take a break. Most of the employees take sabbatical to fulfill their goal, to build a skill or to do some research. Main idea behind taking sabbatical is to renew and refresh. But sabbatical is given to only those employees who have worked with the company for a longer period of time. Some companies offer sabbatical as a reward for long service of the employee. Employees can take a leave for x months, can come back and pick up where they left off. They don't have to take any additional training for that. Most of them do not know how to prepare for a sabbatical. Take point break review and decide your sabbatical.


Here are some suggestions:

  • Plan financially:Some companies pay for the employees who go on a sabbatical and some companies do not. Therefore it is very important to have a clear discussion with the employer. Explain in detail how the sabbatical will help you and the company. You also have to plan for your family and their needs.
  • Show that you are beneficial to the company:Before going on a sabbatical it is important to translate all your experiences in to professional benefits of the company. Make a note of all your achievements and explain the employer how you have benefitted the company and also how you will benefit the company after coming back.
  • Career considerations:If you are planning to go for a long break, then make sure that you return to the office and also take a documented agreement with all necessary signatures. Plan the exact time to go on a sabbatical. The best time is when the project is in the initial stage. Convince your manager that you will be back before the project is active again so that there is no significant loss of work.
  • Get an approval:Getting an approval for the sabbatical purely depends on the performance of an employee. An above average performer will have more chances of getting approval for a sabbatical. If you are planning to take some training in your sabbatical, highlight the skills you will learn which can bring value to the company.

A well planned and well prepared sabbatical brings benefits to both the individual and the company. It leads to a better work life balance and in turn increases the productivity. But an employee should be very careful while planning for a sabbatical.

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