What is Resume Parsing?

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What is Resume Parsing?

The emerging trends in the recruitment industry have undergone a technological transition. Resume parsing is such evolution in this area. It is a magic tool for recruiters that allow hiring manager to save both time and money by enabling them to shortlist candidates with effective keywords as per requirements.

What is Resume Parsing?

Resume parsing is a process which converts an unstructured form of resume data into the structured format. Resume parser is also known as a CV parser. With the help of resume parser it becomes easy to store and analyze the data automatically. There are different types of parsing tools available in the market. It enables the hiring managers to select a candidate’s resume based on keywords, grammar and statistics. The major help with this parsing tool is that it helps to extract contact details, skills, work experience and education by finding right fit for the job requirements in less time, the hiring managers fills the positions much faster.

What a CV/resume parser exactly is?

1.A resume parser is a compiler or interpreter which converts the unstructured data into the structured data.

2.It is a tool which helps to separate the data into different fields and parameters like name, qualification, experience to identify the most suitable and relevant resumes based on your search parameters.

What are the features of a good CV/resume parser?

● It can parse resumes of all standard formats (PDF, doc, HTML etc).

● It can be integrated with the existing software in a computer.

● It has a huge database of candidates to identify special skills.

● It can fetch required information from an enormous database.

● It automatically identifies region and language to parse information accordingly

● It saves both time and money.

● It improves the ROI of the hiring process

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