What is resignation letter doc?

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What is resignation letter doc?

The resignation letter is the type of letter submitted by the employee to declare resignation from services permanently .it is to be submitted HR department or to the employer directly. The resignation letter is meant for the employer to terminate the employee from the employment. It has to be submitted prior to certain period of time i.e before at least two weeks of time this specified time is also known as the advance notice period. this period gives the employer to make arrangement for the employee termination and taking care of certain documents for the termination .some other cases employer might ask for a resignation from the employee due to poor performance at the workplace. After taking everything into account employer will issue resignation acceptance letter .In resignation letter employee should mention the valid reason for quitting from the services. If the resignation letter is not accepted (most of the case resignation letter will be accepted) the employer might ask for resubmission of the resignation letter with valid reason. generally, the human resource department administers an employee resignation process.so resignation should be submitted addressing the Supervisor or the HR department manager .

Resignation Letter Doc

A resignation letter should be provided with legitimate evidence and supported documents if any are needed. The employee has to submit a resignation letter with good intent and addressed politely in order to maintain a positive relationship with the employer. Resignation letter often considered as the letter of thanks to the employer for employing the individual. Resignation letter helps the employee in the transition from one company to another. Employer for the new company might take review and reference from the old company so it is necessary for the employee to maintain good accord with the employer with whom the employee is separating from.

below are the few types of the resignation letter that used under any circumstances

● simple resignation letter

● new job resignation letter

● formal resignation letter

● personal reasons resignation letter

● basic resignation letter

● email resignation letter

Resignation Letter Format in Word

Resignation Letter Format Doc

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