What is Relieving Letter format

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What is Relieving Letter format?

Relieving Letter format

Relieving letter is a kind of letter issued by the employer to those employees who wish to relieve themselves from the duties and responsibilities of their current job. It means those employees who are about to resign from their jobs/duties are been issued Relieving Letter. Those who want to take on another job employment opportunity for much more money, growth is also been issued Relieving Letter.
In the case when you are going to take on another company job, then the employer of that country will surely need a proof or physical evidence that you have resigned from your previous job in the form of Relieving Letter. So, Relieving Letter is a document that’s issued and handed over by a company/organization to an employee whose resignation has been accepted.
Also, you find this document extremely essential when you need prove certain information mentioning on your resume.

What is Relieving Letter format

When are you supposed to receive a Relieving Letter?

Relieving Letter must be issued to the employee on the same day that his/her resignation has officially been accepted from an organization. Employees are required to note that Relieving Letter is a letter which is proof that you are no longer employed by the company to ask it from your employer immediately.

What does prevent someone to receive the Relieving Letter?

A Relieving Letter isn’t been issued by the company only when there are some issues that are responsible for employee not getting it. These are all related to the fact that employee may have a couple of unfinished simple business with the company. It may be any company task or project that you have been associated with, it may be because there are certain documents that you missed to fill out and hand over to the authorities within the organization etc.

What is the purpose of Relieving Letter?

The purpose of a Relieving Letter is the need to leave your current job position and it’s important when you apply or join another job position with another company/organization.
Also, the letter is typically used as a tool by a company to show and ensure that the company has officially accepted the resignation of that particular employee and has been relieved of all the duties and responsibilities.

Tips to write an effective Relieving Letter

Steps to create a proper relieving letter:
● Provide details of resigning employee
●Provide details of the company
●Mention the issuing date of the letter
●Write down information regarding the employee’s resignation
●Place the date of the employee’s resignation from the company
● Include the Statement of Thanks to the employee
● Put in your Complete Name, Title and Signature

Below is the format of Relieving Letter for your help.

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