What is Pay Slip Format?

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Salary payslip format:

Salary payslip formathas all information handled in columns about deductions against tax, pensions, insurances, HRA, medical allowance, other allowances etc.Salary payslip is the certificate handed to an employee by the employer either on the day before salaries are given or on the day after the salaries were given. Salary slip also has information of the employee like employee’s name, designation, salary paid including details of all deductions made, date of payment and signatures of either parties.

Format of payslip

Format of payslip:

Format of payslipvaries from company to company and also everyone has their own criteria of salary calculation. Salary pay slips are also used as proof of verification by new employers to check the previous companies pay to the employee.Salary slip has many benefits apart from just applying for credit cards or loan, they are also useful during switching jobs, optimizing tax liabilities etc. For such an important and useful financial related document, the format is to be well developed so as to avoid any later issues.

Sample Pay Slip Format:

format of Pay slip

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