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What is MOM format?

MOM (minute of meetings ) are vital documents that record the discussion happened in the meeting such as items came in the discussion .generally MOM documents contains point to point summaries such as key discussion points and the conclusion and the decisions made .minute of meetings should be prepared for any kind of formal meeting. MOM mail format should not contain verbatim such as “he-said or she-said “. It must record major points and bottom-line perspective.MOM (minute of the meeting) are official records that are mainly used for the announcement of major decisions and decision making structures, often used future for references. If the key item is discussed in MOM, it should be provided with a specific reason for that decision. In the corporate sector, the meeting secretary acts responsible for the drafting of the MOM mail format and for organized meetings distributing meeting related documents. MOM mail is distributed in the meeting its self to the employee after it signed off by the employer MOM mail format is based on the actual meeting so it may vary from company to company and meeting to meeting.

MOM template doc

MOM mail format

MOM mail format is a follow up mail to the client after a meeting, follow up emails such a MOM mail should be sent as soon as possible after the meeting or it can be an internal mail to the employee by the employer regarding the details about meeting and its key point and references and decisions made and specific announcement to the employee if any key changes are needed.

Structures of mom mail format

● Greeting

● Statement of the discussed topic(s)

● Main takeaways

● Next steps

● A call to action

● Closure

● email signature

MOM format doc

MOM format doc contains following terms

● The topic for the Meeting:

● Date:

● Meeting No

● Schedule Time of start

● Actual Time of start

● Venue

● Planned Duration of the Meeting

● Actual Duration of the Meeting

● Attendance (%):

● Chaired By:

● Meeting Attended By

● Members Absent

● Invitees:

● Prepared / Recorded By

● Additional Copies To

● Action Items

● Responsibility

● Target

● Date

● Tracking Comment

● Information Sharing and Discussions

MOM template doc

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