What is Job Satisfaction Questionnaire

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Job satisfaction questionnaire is a survey done by the HR managers in order to analyze the mood of the employee. By doing this survey, managers come up with different ideas to put the positive vibe on employee relations and provides a work friendly environment. This survey is a powerful winning formula for the growing companies and by implementing it, relation and trust between employer and employee improve along with raising the employee morale and motivating the employee. A company and its employees are considered as a big family and it is necessary to address the needs of the family.

Employee job satisfaction questionnaire

Questionnaire on job satisfaction:

Questionnaire on job satisfaction is a method implemented by the employer to improve the relationship with the employee. The questionnaire is a documented form of a set of questions to the employee to know about him/her as well as the company. These questions are formed in such a way that the employer can find whether the employee is content with present company rules or is there a room for improvisation. This survey provides an insight into the company’s structure as well as employees satisfaction towards the job.

Employee job satisfaction questionnaire is prepared by taking different aspects into consideration such as questions on employee relationship with the company, team, relationship with manager/supervisor, job passion, self-evaluation, and balancing work & life, etc.

Questionnaire for employee satisfaction project is an important step made by the HR department of the company to enquire relationship between the company and its employees as well as developing a healthy teamwork from within. Questionnaire differs for every company based on their employee structure, rules and regulations. Different questions such as

1.Is your company providing the required information?

2.How challenging is your work?

3.Thoughts on being a part of the team?

4.How is your relationship with co-workers?

5.Are you content with your salary and other benefits?

6.How does your manager/ superior influence you?

7.Do you really enjoy being a part of the family/company?

Different questions such as above are asked in the questionnaire and the employee must assure the employee that his/her answers are kept confidential.

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