What is Job Relieving Letter?

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Relieving letter:

Relieving letter is a letter that is issued by the company/organization to a certain employee at the time of leaving the company. It is a form of acknowledging the employee’s resignation and should be addressed to the employee at the time of parting from the company otherwise the employee will still be treated as a part of the company. The relieving letter ensures that you have left the duties at your former company and can apply for other company jobs. Relieving letters are used to prevent the new employees from cheating.

Relieving letter Format

Relieving letter Format:

Relieving letter format is a documented form that is issued to an employee stating that he/she is relieved of their former duties and left the organization. It is to be issued to the employee at the exact time of leaving the organization. This letter is represented as a way of communicating to the employee that his/her resignation is accepted.

Experience letter is a certificate issued by the company to the employee stating the duration of his/her work in the organization. During job searches, experience letters are required.

Sample of Experience letter:

Experience letter

sample of relieving letter:

Relieving Letter

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