What is HR policies ppt?

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Human Resource Policies PPT

Human resource policies are required for management of organizations human resource department issues. Human resources policies define the responsibilities of employees in the workplace. HR policies are Guidelines to deal with the Human resource issues and to ensure that the appropriate approach is adopted throughout the organization.HR policies carried out by the management or human resource manager.HR policies should be constituted in a formal way to deal with the specific matter regarding the employee workplace. HR policies deal with various aspects f the employment .the circumstances vary between the establishments so according to the situations and environment of the workplace HR policies are formulated. HR policies address the maters for fairness and structure and consistency and reasonableness towards employees for better work manages and upholding the corporate ethics. Human resource policies to created by establishment according to the provisions specified under the employment law.HR policy is included in the company manual to address the issue raised in the particular company and to promote communication between the employer and the employee.

HR Policies PPT

HR Policies PPT

Specific HR policies cover:

● age and employment;

● grievances;

● health and safety;

● bullying;

● managing diversity;

● discipline;

● promotion;

● e-mails and the internet;

● redundancy;

● employee development;

● reward;

● employee relations;

● sexual harassment;

● employee voice;

● substance abuse;

● employment;

● work-life balance.

● equal opportunity;


HR department deals with the certain types of hr policies such as recruitment to the selection process which includes interviewing and hiring employees. These HR policies are implements by the Human resource professional. Below are the type of HR policies implements by the human resource department in the organization

● interviewing,

● hiring

● performance evaluations,

● employing family members

● reference and background checks

● business expense reimbursement

● employee benefits EPF ESI

● paid and unpaid leaves

● Rehires and new-hire orientation

● paying employees

● personnel files

● layoffs and terminations

● immigration, physical and medical examinations

● discrimination,

● work schedules,

● compensation, employee conduct and

● Disciplinary measures.

● Matters of health and safety

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