What is HR Mis Report?

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Mis reporting:

Mis reporting stands for Management information services/system reporting that plays a crucial role in an organization by providing required tools to Business managers/executives for planning, evaluating and efficiently managing the departments. Mis executives deal with the coordination and implementation of all system-related activities to improve the performance and operations and the productivity of a company. The main objective of the mis reporting is to utilize the information on all departments in a company and by improving them to achieve the best outcome that’s possible. Mis reports help in decision making and it defined for the purpose to set benchmark for the successful organization.

Monthly Mis reports

HR Mis report:

HR Mis report or Human resource Mis report, that deals with the potentiality of an employee, selecting personnel, recruiting, information of employee salary data, performance data, job evaluation, attendance reports, ability to reach the goals, analyzing the wage reports of all the personnel. HRIS is the intersection between the processes or systems between the HRM( Human Resource Management) and Mis. HR Mis report handles all the needs of the personnel and develops the capabilities of an employee for the benefits of the organization or companies. HR Mis reports state the headcounts and attrition rate.

Monthly Mis reports are based on all the activities of a company such as the overall performance of the employees in a department and the financial report of the personnel and company, inventory and sales report, trend analyzation and goals achieved. The main motive of these reports is to improve the performance of a company and meet the required goals. Also, companies can measure the success in the scale from period to period and able analyze their movements is according to the plans or not with these Mis reports, and hence these are considered as the mandatory components for any company to evaluante the performance.

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