What is headhunting in recruitment?

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Headhunting is a process in employer search for executives working in other organization who are needed to fill specific job designation in their establishment. Mostly head hunting is done outside the organization it is a lookout for the talented employee. In headhunting recruitment HR department or the company recruits employee with relevant experience for the specific job profile it is the most effective approach for recruiting superior performers who are not looking for a sudden change in the workplace.

Headhunting Meaning

Headhunting Meaning

Headhunting meaning is the recruitment of a top executive in the other establishment who are not willing to change from the particular organization .headhunting is used because the larges percentage if best talent in the industry constitutes of passive job seekers and 40 to 45 % of the entire workforce constitute of passive job seekers.

headhunting recruitment is three types those are

• direct

• indirect and

• third party

direct headhunting employer will directly contact the employee or individual for recruitment

indirect headhunting employer contact through a reference for recruitment

The third party recruitment is when an employer list out the reference to the consultancy and the employee is recruited through the consultancy this also known as outsourcing the job profile.

Headhunting process includes following steps

• Mapping Talent

• Name gathering

• Identifying candidate motivators

• Call and subsequent conversation

• Selling the benefits to the candidate

• The client pitch

• Objection / Concern handling

• Managing the process

• Managing resignation

Nowadays the headhunting process is done through consultancies third part headhunting recruitment. The process of headhunting recruitment is a comprehensive process beneficial to the organization and it justifies the high wages paid the employee with experience and below are the main steps involved in the requirement of the headhunting process.

• Mapping talent is about researching about the client companies

• Identifying sector and companies for headhunting

• Name gathering finding the talented employees by online or offline mode

• Identifying the motivator for a candidate such as a challenging job or increase in salary.

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