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What is form 10c sample?

Form 10 c is a primary form to be submitted by employee through employer for claiming employee pension scheme benefits it is submitted/filled by the employee to claim the benefits under the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) as every month provident fund contributed by the employee and employer are credited into the EPF account and if the employee wants to claim the money from his PF account Form 10c must be submitted. It should be submitted through www.epfindia.gov.in to EPFO. There are two contributions made one by the employee and another by the employer .in case if the employer the contribution is split into two funds they are EPF and EPS, the contribution to eps by the employer can be withdrawn using form 10c.

What is form 10c sample?

Terms for applying form 10c

● The employee left employment before 10 years of the service

● Employee completed 10 years of the service

● Employee Attained 50 years of age

Use of form 10c

This form is used to claim

● Employers share fund

● Withdrawal benefits

● Scheme certificate for member retention

Naes should be filled in capital letters

● Documents to be produced

● Copy of blank/ canceled cheque

● Date of Birth Certificates of children of an employee for scheme certificate

● Death Certificate in case of death of an employee

● Succession Certificate in case of an application by the legal heir only after death

To fill form 10c following details are to submitted/filled

● Date of birth

● Father’s name and/or husband’s name

● Employer address

● PF account number

● Joining date with the employer

● Reason for leaving and date of leaving

● Full address

● Particulars of family/nominees

● Mode of remittance

● Date and signature,

● Details about age

● Account details

● Sum received

● Date and signature

Filled sample of 10C

Filled sample of 10C

What is form 10c sample?

What is form 10c sample?

What is form 10c sample?

The member hereby declares that he has not been employed for two months (Yes/No.)

Certified that the particulars are true to the best of my knowledge.

The Applicant has signed/thumb impressed before me.

Member’s Signature Employer’s Signature

Member’s thumb impression Designation & Seal of Employer



What is form 10c sample?

What is form 10c sample?

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