What is exit interviewWhatare exit formalities

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What is exit interview?Whatare exit formalities?

An exit interview is a meeting conducted between the leaving employee and HR person from the company. Employees who are leaving the organisation have priceless information. Exit interview is an effective tool to know the reasons behind his leaving the organisations. Exit interview provides valuableinsights in how to retain their staff and how to improve their work culture as well as the work environment. There will be different types of exit interviews.

1. In-person Exit Interviews

2. Telephone Exit Interviews

3. Paper and Pencil Exit Interviews

4. Online Exit Interviews Management System

What is exit interviewWhatare exit formalities

Exit formalities of a company may include as follows:

Once the employee sends a resignation, based on the notice period in the offer letter/contract period the relieving date will be assigned.HR department conducts an exit interview to know why he is leaving and what are the important factors for leaving. It will be a pre measure to control the attrition rate in an organisation.Based on the company polices his/her last salary will be credited after calculating all his allowances, loans etc. Some of the questions which the employer might want to ask are as follows:

1. Why did you join this organization?

2. What are the areas that you like and dislike in this organization?

3. Why are you leaving?

4. If the reason behind leaving is employment, then what prompted you to look for a new job?

5. Do you think that our training modules were helpful in doing your job?

6. Do you think that there should be any change in the employment practices followed by the organization?

What are exit formalities?

Usually, if anyone resigns,they should counsel them to stay back by explaining benefits comparing with future employer of his/her. If they didn't agree to stay back, then there will an exit interview, make him fill the no due form, then give the relieving and experience letter. It will be done on the last day of the service.

In due certificate they will ensure to collect all office equipment ((e.g. computer/ laptop, calculator, ID card etc) which were provided to employee to do the work. It will be reflected in No due certificate. They will also ensure of deductions like shortfall notice period, penalty for loss of company property are considered in the full and final settlement. They need to get No due certificate which will be issued by the Technical HOD to certify that the resigned employee had completed the work assigned to him.

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