What is ESIC 7b form

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What is ESIC 7b form?

ESIC 7b form is a kind of medical acceptance card for the treatment in one of the ESIC hospitals under a list of particular doctors. It is an appeal type of form issued to employees or insured individuals who seek for the treatment. Insured members can avail ESIC 7b form from their employer.
ESI (Employee’s State Insurance) is a kind of self-financing social security and health insurance scheme for workers in India under the Employees’ State Insurance Act (ESIC), 1948.
Now, you will be wondering that how it is helpful and beneficial for you. Won’t you? Let’s see.

What is ESIC 7b form
How ESIC 7b form is helpful?
• So, for your kind information, ESIC 7b form is helpful when you want your treatment from a doctor of your choice or from a doctor whom you think best for your disease/problem. It is beneficial as the employees get the
Sickness benefits
Medical benefits
Funeral expenses
Dependent benefits and
Unemployment allowance.
Now, let’s talk about the parts of the form

Parts/Format of ESIC 7b form.

It is the form comprising of 2 parts letter. One part consists of the details of the insured individual while the other part consists of details of particular doctor whom the insured person seeks to get treatment from
Now, we will give you an overview of how ESIC 7b form is useful for you.

How ESIC 7b form is useful?
Usually, your organization’s temporary ID card or ESIC Pehchan Card is enough to seek the treatment at your ESIC hospital/dispensary. However, sometimes, when the patient needs special observation from his/her ESIC doctor for a long period, then they are required to submit ESIC 7b form.
Now, we will be discussing the steps of downloading the ESIC 7b form online.

How to download ESIC 7b form?
Individual employees are usually not authorized to download the ESIC 7b form, only your employer can do the same. Your employer is required to download your ESI Medical Acceptance Card on her/his portal online using her/his employer login ID and password.
Step 1 - To download the ESIC form, login to ESIC Employer Portal entering the established code and password at www.esic.in.
Step 2 – After login to the portal, click on Print Counter Foil under employee.
Step 3 –Now, you are required to enter ESIC IP number of the insured person and click Print Counter Foil.
Step 4 – Once the Employee Print Counterfoil screen is displayed, at the top left side of the screen, you will find a link named ‘Medical Acceptance Card’ or ‘ESIC form 7b download’ for that particular employee. Once, you click on this link, the ‘ESIC Medical Acceptance Card Form 7b will be downloaded.
Now after downloading the form, let us know about the process of filling the ESIC 7b form.

How to fill the ESIC 7b form?
As you know ESIC 7b form consists of two parts; Employee Details and Doctor Details.
So, in the first part, feed your (employee) details such as your name, father/husband’s name, factory/organization name, present residential address for communications. You are also required to write your Insurance Number.
In the second part, write the doctor’s details such as doctor name, ESIC hospital/dispensary name.

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