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EPF Form 3A

Employee provident fund Form 3A is a document consist of employee and employer annual report on contribution towards employee provident fund and employee pension scheme and voluntarily provident refund it is generated/ filled employee wise, it is also known as annual contribution card it contains information on month wise contributions and the data will be calculated for every employee who subscribed/registered to the employee pension scheme.

EPF Form 3A

form 3A include following details

a. Current financial year

b. PF Account number

c. Name of the employee

d. Name of the guardian(father//husband)

e. Name of the employer/company

f. Adress of the company

g. The statutory rate of contribution i.e. is pf rate contribution

h. Voluntary contribution rate if any contribution is made

Form 3A contains following contributions individually columns

• Months of the annual financial year

• Amount of salary/wage

• The employee share of EPF 12 % pf contribution also know as EE amount (account 1)

• The employee share of voluntary contribution

• Employers share of EPF i.e. the difference between 12% and 8.33% or 3.67% also known as ER amount (account 10)

• Total of employees share

• Total of employers share and refund of advance

• Remarks column

• Number of day or duration of period PF contribution are not made

• Details of refund in advance if any

• Date of leaving service

• And reason for leaving service

• The certified total amount needs to be mentioned

• Signature of the employer

All EPF forms are submitted through the employer by whom employee currently employed Form 3A will be sent regional office during the course of currency period/financial year for the purpose of final settlement Provident fund accounts, details regarding and reasons for leaving service should be stated properly.

EPF Form 3A

(a) Date of leaving service

(b) Reason for leaving service

(c) Certified that the total amount of contributions (both shares) indicated in this card i.e. Rs. [Column (3)(c)] [Column (4)(c)] has already been remitted in full in EPF A/c No. 1 (P.F.A/c) and A/c No. 10 (E.P.F. A/c.) (Vide note below).

Certified that the difference between the total of the contribution shown under Cols. 3 & 4 of the above table and that arrived at one the total wages shown in Column 2 at the prescribed rate is solely due to rounding off of contributions to the nearest rupee under the rules.

Dated 19 Signature of the Employer

(Office Seal)

Note : In respect of the Form 3-A sent to the Regional Office during the course of the Currency period for the purpose of final settlement of the accounts of the members who had left service details of date and reasons for leaving service, and also a certificate as shown in the ‘Remarks’ columns should be added.

EPF  form 3A in excel

EPF  form 3A in excel

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