What is Employee Transfer Letter?

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Employee transfer letter is issued to an employee who is being transferred to a different branch or department or location of their company. The motive for the transfer letters is more than just general professional courtesy. Transfer letters provide employer and employee the "ground policies" of the transfer. The transfer may be a mutual agreement between employer and employee or employer-generated or, the employee transfer letter format shows visible, physical confirmation of the move from one location or department to another. That’s why Transfer note format, and their templates, is very important for employers and employees.

employee transfer letter format

Transfer letter to the employee

Transfer letter to employee should include employee's full name and current address, with exact contact information, reason for the transfer, Name of the location or department from which the employee is transferring, Name of the location or department to which the employee is moving, The effective date the transfer will take place, The official start date in the new location, if the date is different from the effective date of the transfer, The name of the administrator in the new department to whom the transferee will report etc.

Sample Transfer Note Format:

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