What is EL leave full form?

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EL leave full form

EL leave full form is an Earned Leave which is provided for intended long leaves for the purpose of vacation, travel etc. Earned Leave or Privilege Leave is calculated on a month upon month basis for the calendar year. Earned Leave is given at the beginning of the Year to every employee, but the privilege will be comparative to the number of months worked. For example Based on employer policy, for every month successful completion in the company 1.25 days will be rewarded to the employee’s entitlement. If an employee has joined the company during the middle of the year, his EL will be pro-rated from the date of joining employment through December 31 of that calendar year. For employees who have resigned, their EL privilege would be calculated pro rata i.e. till their last day of work. Any extra leave taken would be adjusted in Full & Final Settlement.

Full form of CPL

Full form of CPL

Full form of CPL is Compensatory Paid Leave. CPL Form is used to pay for overtime/extra working hours. There are three types of compensatory leave: regular compensatory leave, overtime compensatory leave, and special compensatory leave. The maximum accumulation rate is 120 hours for both overtime and regular compensatory leave. Overtime compensatory leave cannot be chosen as qualifying under the Family Medical Leave Act, even though an employee may choose to use the leave while on FMLA-qualifying leave.

Example for Compensatory Paid Leave Claim or Compensatory leave application form format

Compensatory Leave Application Form Format:

Compensatory Leave Application Form Format

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