What is Desirable Attrition? How it is Helpful to your Organization?

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Oflate, attrition is treated as a loss to the organization as the process costs the organization in terms of hiring, recruiting and training those employees who left. But it is a myth that employee attrition cost the organization, but all employee attrition is not a myth. Sometimes it is good for an organization; these incidents can help an organization a lot than just incurring financial loss.


What is desirable attrition?

While, an unwanted employees or underperformed employees leave the organization voluntarily then it may benefit the company which termed as the Desirable attrition. It may not be a loss for the company when an employee who do not fit the company culture, or unable to perform to their best commitments. Too much poor performance over a period will definitely hamper the overall productivity. So if a poor performing employee leaves the company then it would be beneficial to the organization.

Here are some of the benefits of the desirable attrition:

  • New talent is always encouraging: It is always encourage the new talent to get more new ideas and ideologies. When such kind of people leaves the organization then explore for the best fit and get them onboard.
  • Enhanced organizational performance: Once the underperformed employee left the organization it has a positive impact on high performing employees and overall productivity enhanced in a positive way.
  • It is an opportunity to analyze exiting company policies: When desirable attrition is right for the organization it also gives an opportunity to the organization to relook the company policies. Money is not a biggest factor at all. Employers see desirable attrition an s a stepping stones towards developing organization policies. However it is believed that attrition in any form is not good for any organization. But if it can be understood in a rational perspective, desirable attrition can be beneficial for the organization.

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