What is Corporate HR?

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Corporate HR is an individual who is working at corporate level & managing centralized Human resource functions. For example, If one organization say "X" is having offices at 6 locations in India & have head office at one location say "Mumbai" so HR working in Head office usually look after all the core HR functions such as Policy Implementation, Manpower Planning etc. Similar policies are applicable at all the locations, Corporate Human Resource is more into Policies, Strategies, Procedures and they take decisions, which are in the interest of people at huge and affecting everybody in the organization. They are involved in aligning Business with HR and more towards overall Company Development. Corporate HR managers, who were once restricted to handling basic data work and regular record keeping amongst employees, are now open to the elements to an evolving nature of diverse employees complexities, strategic management of the organizational goals and legal obligations.

Corporate HR job description

HR corporate

HR corporate functions include Initiatives organization and Leading complex projects with the objective to change the corporate, Builds or maintains and develop the culture, relationship with the managers in all branches, Engages employees and manages the employees change management process, to work as single point of contact for the Plans and executes programs for management of employees to ease and speed up the work, Shares goals with business leaders version and takes ownership of the strategic plan, Acts as the contributing project team Corporate HR agenda member, Drives employee and performance people agenda etc. Corporate HR job description has a significant impact on the business performance. Corporate Human Resources not only support business functions but takes over the leadership and ownership of change management projects. Human resource Corporate introduces policies and practices focused on the increase of the work performance of employees, maintaining the high level of employee’s happiness, and designing the exceptional corporate culture. Corporate Human Resource manages and leads projects resulting in building the competitive advantage. Hence, whichever division controls the management responsibility for the function, the Corporate Human Resources manager is closely involved in decisions, execution, and review.

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