What is compensation revision letter?

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Salary revision letter

Salary revision letter is either written to the company by an employee for requesting increment in salary or the company to the employee by sanctioning the increment on the basis of his/her annual contribution to the organization. An employee should ask for increment when he/she feels they deserve it and at the right time. The company sends the increment letter to the selected employee by analyzing his/her achievements and commitment to the company. When an employee writes a salary revision letter instead of complaining and victimization, he/she should write about how their work stands out.

Compensation revision letter

Compensation revision letter is written to the employee for not only increment in their salary but also stating that he/she is eligible for other benefits and bonuses from the company. A clear compensation revision letter means that it states the position of an employee stand with the company along with other benefits like medical coverages and time off and will serve as proof of their commitment to the company.

Revision letter is defined or structured as change or modification letter for salary, the timing of work and other benefits to the employee./p>

A sample of salary revision format to the employee from the company is given below, you can modify it according to your requirements.


________ ( Employee name),

________( Employee Id),

________( designation & Dept of Employee),

________ ( Contact Number).

Dear __________ ( Employee Name),

We are delightful to inform you that an increment in your salary has been revised based on the performance and commitment during the period of ________ ( period his/her achievements) to the organization/company which exceeded our expectations. These changes will be applied w.e.f. _____ ( Date).

We are also happy to state that you are eligible for all the benefits form company during the annual period of _____________.

We believe that you continue to work with utmost confidence for company’s growth.

With best regards,

_______ ( Authorizing Official),

________ ( Designation),

________ ( Company Name).

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