What is Charge Sheet Format?

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Notice Format

Notice format to warn the employee behaving or acting against the rules and conditions defined by are company is known as Show-Cause Notice, Warning Notice, Charge Sheet Notice, and more. There can be numerous reasons to send a show cause notice to employee such as misbehaving in the office premises, arriving late, not informing the leave in prior, and few more reasons like this. Each company has its own standard of show cause notice format and general format of show cause format is mentioned below.

Show cause notice format

Show cause notice format

Show cause notice format comprise of the reason(s) why the employee is receiving it and the deadline to provide explanation for the cause. Providing proper explanation to show cause notice to employee for misconduct needs to consider seriously. If employee fails to give the reasons then the employee name can be enlisted in the Nascom directory by the company and it will be crucial for the employee to look employment with other company.

Example of a Generic Show Cause Notice Sample is mentioned below.

To ABC (Employee Name)

Address Lane 1,

State (Designation of Employee) with Pincode

Subject: Warning Letter

Mr. ABC, on 02 June 2018 at 10 am you are accused of misbehaving security guard for coming late in shift A, and it is reported that you spoke abusive language when guard said you are late today, and you are murmuring and got furious over him, and said ‘give what he spoke’ and you neglected the security manager request as went into the office. It is alleged that you committed this action, if it is proved that you have done this with consent then it is considered as serious warrant disciplinary action over your misconduct. You need to produce proper reason within 15 days of receiving this receipt, or else you are supposed to be either dismissed or punished. In case you fail to provide explanation for this notice then it is assumed that you are liable to take action against you and you accepted the allegation against you. Because the reason is very serious in nature, you will be suspended after 15 days of receiving this notice when fail to provide the proper explanation. Also, you are supposed to acknowledge this notice./p>


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