What is BVF document?

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BGV full form is background verification and it is a mandatory process conducted by every employer while employing an eligible candidate. In this process,the employerchecks the credential and work history of the hiring employee.


If an employee is not qualified in background verification, the appointment or the job proposal come to end. In background verification, the employee will submit detail needed by the employer. BGV involve various checks, employer will go through employee resume and education records and criminal records, and past employer information and identity checks.

This process takes up to 10 working days once the verification is completed the employee will post in the job profile. If any remarks or fraud found out, then the employer can take legal actions against the employee. In addition,the employer can do Verification checks at the hiring process or even after when the employee is working for the company.

BGV FORM stands for background verification form; the employee is required to submit. This form for crosschecking the information provided by the employee is valid. This document summarizes the entire professional life of the employee.

This form contains employed educational detail and professional life details and marital status and family details, etc. Formalso known as Background Check Authorization Form. BGV form will be beneficial for the employee whore transferring from one company to another.

During the BGV process, an employee asked to submit BVG form filled in with details of employee educational qualification and previous work history. The employee has to abide by the outcome of the background verification process. The first employer will contact previous organization under the employee worked to crosscheck verification this the easy method.

After that employee will see local authority help for identification and the residential address verification and criminal record verification, this process fulfilled with the help of police or by a representative of the employer.

The human resource department of the company generally conducts the background verification process. It is legal measure for a company to do back round verification, and these days every employer make sure that employee is verified before they get into company projects.

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