What is bulk hiring?

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Bulk hiring meaning is hiring an employee in bulk; it is a process where the organization employs candidates in large scale in a short time. Bulk hiring implemented when the establishment had many vacancies. The method of bulk hiring implemented in various ways depending upon the company requirements. Professional hire eligible candidates by conducting various rounds, it needs a lot of management for initiation of the bulk hiring process.

Bulk hiring

Bulk hiring is one of the most profitable services to the employer for recruiting young talent who are in transition campus to corporate. Bulk recruitment is for selecting and short-listing eligible candidates.

The human resource department of a single company or multiple companies manages most of the recruitments. These multiple companies’ requirements managed by the external agencies. Bulk recruitment needs various kinds of steps to follow. First hiring process promoted on social media networking to attract candidates. The hiring process can be on /off recruitment.

Later telemarketing department will dictate the term using the latest technology for procurement talented candidates. In bulk hiring process certain strategies taken into account, the following are some common steps taken by every company to initiate the bulk-hiring process.

Human resource department will devise a hiring plan to help them achieve the volume of candidates they require. Later Onboarding,consists and provides every equipment and details such as paperwork and room facilities and internet provided for bulk hiring process accounts department. Will take care of Onboarding

Next step is to taking help from non-recruiters for visual screening of the candidate and collection of resumes etc. companies sometimes take help from outside agencies for this process to avoid lag in the productivity of the organization. In bulk hiring, there will be an interview with less round for recruitment. Mostly in the interviewing process and short-listing process, communication considered as the main aspect for the recruitment later skills are considered.

In the first round most probably will be a group discussion followed by an aptitude test. Next, will the technical round and final interview these four are basic interview procedures followed by every company in the bulk hiring process.

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