What is backdated degree?

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Thebackdated degree is anillegitimate degree certificate received through a malpractice-performed by candidates for procurement of jobs. Backdate degree is altering the date on the degree certificate or creating degree certificate for candidates who are not eligible for the job. Backdating degree is illegal and there are cases where companies blacklisted employees for using this method.

Thebackdated degree

Even big MNCs are still facing this problem. Companies hire fresher who are just out of college or the candidates with experience. An individual with neither experience nor the education qualification opts out for this method. Chances are that company will find out these degrees during background verification check. If the employee has furnished illegitimate documents will have to face legal actions taken by the company.

Backdated degree certificate is available for a specific price from the universities itself. The candidates use these degree certificates for education qualification. Eventually,Candidates using backdated certificates will be caught.

To get fake degree certificate in India is easy just do a Google search for the backdated degree you will find many websites offering the degrees, even there is a big line-up of dealers near universities.

Backdate Degree University is a university itself offering illegitimate certificates. These universities show the enrolment of students and grant them their degree certificates. It is a widespread malpractice involved in the shady business. There are cases of prominent universities offering backdated degrees.

Backdate degree price varies depending upon the level of certificate needed, for 10th to the 12th standard the price range is 40,000 to 60,000 RS and for degree and Ph.D. It goes fromoneto four lakhs. Some experts stated that dubious study circle conducts this malpractice of producing illegitimate documents. After paying certain amount candidate even collect these certificates in the university premises

One thing is for sure that education proof can be brought but one cannot buy an education. Companies have an ensured mechanism for catching this fraud.

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good blog, good knowledge you providing. Thanks for posting this, keep posting, from this blog I learned that there is a big difference between backdated degree and One Sitting Degree

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