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Arrear Calculation Excel Sheet

Arrears in salary means payments or the payments outstanding that are to be made after the employee have performed work but it is not scheduled for distribution at the time payroll period. Generally arrears are considered only when the overdue of payment from the employer is still not scheduled or delayed or employee is promoted and increment sated in promotion letter but salary payment is unchanged In order to avoid the arrears in salary if payment of one month is delayed employer need to make overdue payment at next payroll period. Arrears in salary can be delayed payment of basic pay or allowances or it can be caused if deductions are made more than what is to be. Arrears in the salary can be confirmed if the employee missed a month of payment of the payroll period or deduction of payment that has to be paid under normal conditions.

Salary Arrears Calculation in  Excel Sheet

Arrear Calculation in excel sheet contains following terms

1. Employee code

2. Employee name with effect from

3. Loss of pay month

4. New salary

5. Old salary details

Salary template contains

• Basic pay



• DA

• medical reimbursement

• Gross pay

Below is the salary arrears calculation in excel with example

Place the tables in excel sheet to perform the calculations

Salary Arrears Calculation in  Excel Sheet

Arrears of Salary Calculator

1. The Difference in Salary to be calculated in New Salary - Old Salary based on the With Effect date by affecting the LOP Days

2. In the Above the Current Month is 31 Aug 2018, The Current Month Salary is along with Revision will go in the Current Month of Aug 2018 so the arrears will be calculated up to 31st July 2018

3. If the Current month is 30Sep 2018 then the Arrears will be calculated up to 31Aug 2018

4. The Salary Revision Date is Mentioned in the With effect from column

5. LOP to be input between starting and ending month

6. The Output or Results Should come in The Arrears table


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