What is Appraisal Letter?

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Appraisal Letter is a form of appreciation letter written to a certain employee to praise their outstanding performance and achievements in work during a calendar year by the HR department. These letters are written to appreciate the employee for his/her hard work and to motivate them to perform even better. An employee's overall data like his/her attendance, daily activities, achieved goals and their annual reports are taken into account to decide the employee who is worthy to receive such letters. It’s the best way to reward the employee for his excellence in work and motivating others to meet the expectations.

Appraisal Letter

Appraisal Letter Format

Appraisal Letter Format can be of different types such as appraisal letter for salary hike/increment, meeting expectations/high performance, promotion and transfer depending on the employee credentials, commitment and their ability to meet the target. Every organization has their own set of predefined variables to evaluate the employee’s performance. So, Format of appraisal letter differs for every organization depending on their rules and evaluating methods.

Appraisal Letter format doc is required when an employee is performing his best and worthy to receive an increment/promotion so it should be prepared in a professional manner that includes the subject for sending the letter, employee details, their achievements in work, bonus or increment if given, best wishes etc.

A sample of Letter of Appraisal:



______( Employee Name),

_______( Employee Designation),

_______( Department of Employee),

________( Company Name).

Sub:_____( Reason for sending letter).

Dear ______,

This financial year has been eventful and very challenging to us in_____,

Your performance during this period has exceeded our expectations. You proved your commitment to our organization in the form of your accomplishments. We are hopeful that you will meet all the challenges for the upcoming year.

We congratulate you on behalf of our company for your hard work and for receiving the best employee of the year award.

Congratulations on meriting this reward and wish you success.

With Best Wishes,

__________ ( Authorizing Person/Executive),

_________( Designation),

_________( Company Name).

Appraisal Letter meaning states that it’s a method to appraise an employee and his/her work by taking his/her job performance, annual credentials and contribution to the company into account and evaluating them. It also includes the tips to improve his/her performance even better.

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