What is an Exit Interview and What are the uses of it?

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Exit interview is a term used in companies and is conducted to an employee when he/she is leaving the company. This is an interview conducted by representative (s) of the company to the employee who is departing. Human resource management team conduct this interview to know the feedback on why the employee is leaving the company (will also be conducted to employees who are laid off), they will also ask what they like about the company and also to give suggestions for the better improvement of the company. This exit interview can be conducted in different ways that include: personal exit interview,online interviewandtelephonic exit interview.This is done only in reputed companies and there are lots of advantages in doing this exit interview. It is purely based on the employee's decision whether he/she wants to participate in the exit interview or not. Experts say that it is better to participate in the exit interview because it will help the employer to improve work conditions for the remaining employees.

Exit Interview

Some of the advantages are listed below:

- Details of exit interview forms provide employers more details about the organization culture.

- This is quick ande d reduces the expenses of recruiting and training. Helps in managing the employee turnover

- This is an impartial and open system made to gather more honest feedback from the departing employees. This is a faster way of identifying turnover issues, causes and trends within the organization

- This will provide an opportunity to make peace with dissatisfied employees who are leaving with unforgiving intensions and also to the employees who are laid off

- This is regarded as a positive culture of the organization where it is big enough to expose itself to criticism and the hearing and handling feedback is considered as a powerful development process

- Exit interviews help in supporting an organizationHR practicesand also helps in the quality and effective management of people

- Feedback and the result of the exit interviews will help in training need analysis and training planning processes

- They help in improving recruitment process and in induction of new employees. They also help in improving staff retention

- This acts as a final safety net in retaining a valuable employee and helps in tracking employee perception of the company across a wide number of variables

- Employees who are leaving will have a chance to explain their reasons for leaving the organization and this will in turn help the organizations to know what's going around and respond accordingly Exit interview is a brilliant means to identify specific mistakes and improvement opportunities in the area of management development and succession

- This is a positive exit process to obtain and transfer useful knowledge, contacts, insights, tips and experiences from the departing employee

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